Colts vs Raiders

Colts vs Raiders: The Colts and the Raiders play on Sunday. This game will likely only be watched by Colts and Raiders fans. That being said, if you’re doing some sports betting, here is what Vegas says about this game.

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The Colts and the Raiders have struggled this season. They haven’t had a good record so far. But these two teams are trending in opposite directions. The Colts are trending upward while the Raiders are trending downward. Vegas has taken notice of that.

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As of right now, the Colts are 3 point favorites in Oakland. That spread seems a little small after everything that has happened around Oakland this week. It seems like the Colts should be favored by more points, even on the road.

Based on the talent of the rosters, I would take the Colts to cover that spread. They should be able to win this game by at least a touchdown. They have the more talented squad and have been playing better as of late. They also don’t have as much drama surrounding them.

The over/under in this game is 50.5. That is a tough line. The Colts should score a lot of points, but the Raiders might not. I would take the under because of the lack of firepower from Oakland. The Colts should be able to score plenty of points.

I am more confident on the spread than I am the over/under. They could go over if the Raiders are able to show any life on offense at all. But the Indy defense has played great this season and shut down the Bills last week.

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If you decide to do some legal sports betting, this advice should help you decide where to put your money…although I am not responsible for any losses you might incur. Ha!

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